OMGI: EMs have many small, considered bets

Added 13th October 2015

Emerging markets currently face a wall of negative sentiment and some very real risks, but according to Josh Crabb, head of Asian equities at Old Mutual Global Investors, there are selective opportunities.

While he agreed that sentiment is very negative currently, he said it is important to note that while the risks are real, there is already a lot priced in.

“The entire world thinks that China is the black hole that is dragging global economic activity down right now. But, that is often where opportunity sits as well. If you look at where these countries now sit, where their currencies are, these are levels that have resulted historically in very strong levels of positive performance if you are willing to take a 12-month view.”

However, while there are opportunities, he said it is important to be selective. For example, current account deficits and commodity exposures mean he is not particularly enamoured with Southeast Asia.

“When you think about alpha, It is not about putting one big bet on black or red. Rather it is about a lot of well thought-out bets that are focused on where the alpha opportunities are different.”

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