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Special Supplements, Guides & Directories

Over the course of the year Fund Selector Asia produces a series of special supplements, guides and directories.

 FSA's "A Guide to..." 2016 series: 


FSA’s editorial team illuminate the opportunities within a specific investment asset class and highlight how investors can take advantage of it. These guides will involve interviews with sponsor fund managers and knowledgeable industry experts. Written in an accessible and lively style, the guides are designed to educate readers to a greater level of understanding. FSA guides may involve up to four sponsoring companies. gareth.wilde@lastwordmedia.com

FSA Fund Insights Directory 2016


FSA’s annual Fund Insights Directory is designed to be a quick reference to the leading funds available for sale in Hong Kong and Singapore for fifteen different asset classes. The quantitative performance tables are complimented by paid-for enhanced listings, giving asset managers the chance to highlight funds and their managers. In addition to the listings, FSA’s editorial team will give an overview of the current state of the asset class and its opportunities. gareth.wilde@lastwordmedia.com

Who's Who 2016


FSA is deeply ingrained in the wealth management, asset management and fund selection community of Asia. Our Who’s Who guides aim to help companies and individuals navigate the ever changing personalities who dominate fund distribution. The Who’s Who guide will highlight fund, wealth and selection leaders who are shaping the way Asia thinks about funds. The guide will be published periodically to keep current. gareth.wilde@lastwordmedia.com

Bespoke Supplements


FSA’s editorial team can produce a stand alone hard copy supplement, on any theme, for asset management clients. Using a combination of interviews and deep industry knowledge, FSA can write an insightful guide of significant benefit to our readers. In addition, the supplement may include client-written content as well as fund and people profiles adapted into FSA’s quality style providing more in- depth understanding of client’s funds and its people. gareth.wilde@lastwordmedia.com




FSA Investment Forum Singapore 2017

Tuesday 31 October


FSA Investment Forum Hong Kong 2017

Thursday 2 November