The FSA Spy market buzz - 06 October 2017

By FSA Spy

Added 6th October 2017

The Spy sends a short dispatch because he is on holiday this week.

The FSA Spy market buzz - 06 October 2017

Your humble Spy has this week taken the opportunity to leave Hong Kong for an island off the east coast of Malaysia to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival. Yes, even spies need to take a holiday from time-to-time (The Spy who Went Into the Sunshine, perhaps?).  The arduous task of listening for gossip, drinking large quantities of alcohol and keeping an eye on the Asian asset management industry, is exhausting at the best of times. 

Spy’s domestic-commander-in-chief promised a luxury break from the grime of Hong Kong. Whilst the accommodation has exceeded expectations, what Spy did not realise was the resort is all-vegetarian and booze-free! Slim and sickeningly healthy-looking people are providing lentil soups, spirulina smoothies and Pilates sessions. Wellness signs and calming pan pipe music are my new companions. Television is banned and so is talking from 9am to 3pm. Spy is in unfamiliar and worrying territory.  

Spy can never entirely keep his eyes away from the news: he reads in horror about the Las Vegas madman, Catalonian secessionists, record-high stock markets and ponders what volatility October is bringing for us… So, while Spy plots how to sneak a beer under the nose of the food police, he wishes all readers the very best for Mid-Autumn and hopes all your mooncake dreams have come true.

Until next week…

P.S. Have a gin ‘n tonic for Spy and ease up on that tonic…

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