Research notes of the week - 24 July 2017

Added 28th July 2017

FSA presents a selection of research commentary released this week.

Research notes of the week - 24 July 2017







FSA has reviewed the week's research notes and selected a few that we believe stand out from the rest. Click on the image to access the full report.





Global Horizons: When will the music stop? Dating the global business cycle

Recessions are difficult to predict. SLI has created its own business cycle indicators to estimate the age of the current cycle on the global level and for individual countries. The global economy has been on the upturn for a long time. Does it mean a recession is coming? When can we expect it?


India Insights July 2017

In a monthly update, the bank discusses India's demonetisation and provides equity sector allocations with overweights in consumer discretionary, financials and industrials as well as five underweights.



Allocation perspective

Natixis presents its tactical positioning for the month and compares it to the previous month, providing the rationale behind it. One big move has been more exposure to emerging Asia equities at the expense of its Japan allocation, although Japan is still an overweight.




China and Emerging Asia: A New Dawn for the Capital Markets

Although investors are more attuned to China than ever, they may be losing sight of the big picture: China and the entire Asia region are gradually being integrated into the global capital markets. Pimco argues that over the next 12-24 months, it expects that Asia, led by China, will become a far more significant part of the global capital markets and global investment portfolios.


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