Research notes of the week - 12 June 2017

Added 16th June 2017

FSA presents a selection of research commentary released this week.

Research notes of the week - 12 June 2017








FSA has reviewed the week's research notes and selected a few that we believe stand out from the rest. Click on the image of the report to access the PDF.




Japan Stages a Comeback on Governance Reforms

Thanks to a focus on corporate governance and shareholder returns, the Japanese economy is on track to surpass expectations in 2017. SSGA highlights five themes for investors to follow in search for investment opportunities.




Market Update & Outlook for China

Barings argues that Moody's recent downgrade of China will have minimal effect. It also analyses reasons why the MSCI should − and why it should not − include China A-shares in its emerging market indices.


Global Wealth 2017: Transforming the Client Experience 

An analysis of the global wealth management industry, which includes the evolution of the private wealth industry from both global and regional perspectives, a benchmarking analysis stemming from around 125 wealth managers and the impact of digital technology on the industry.




In Gold We Trust report

Research around gold typically emphasises severe market risks, so gold reports are good to read as a check on optimistic views. This report from asset management firm Incrementum looks at a US recession, stagflation and other other risks. All would have a positive impact on gold except hyper deflation, the authors argue.







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