What does the industry think? September 19

Added 19th September 2016

In a new weekly feature, FSA finds the only executives in Asia willing to go on record and comment on key investment issues. This week: emerging markets.

What does the industry think? September 19

Emerging market sentiment has returned this year and some fund managers believe EM equities are set for a multi-year bull run. But analysts warn that the last five years to the end of 2015, the MSCI EM index has returned -5.2% compared to the FTSE developed markets’ 65% return.






“The key to emerging markets investing is to be selective. Our team is also high conviction and contrarian – we look for the turn before it happens. We call it a `contrarian high conviction selectivist’ approach, which is a specialised skill set that differentiates us from peers.”

Robert Ruderschmidt, portfolio manager, Overflowing Alpha Asset Management








“With sentiment rising maybe I can finally get clients out of the EM stinker we bought a few years ago from a certain manager who persuaded us he was a genuine contrarian high conviction selectivist."

Louie Zheng, head of discretionary mandates, Global Behemoth Private Bank






“Your request has been declined for compliance reasons. Feel free to reach out to us in the future."

Fanny Leung, corporate communications, Absolute Zero Risk Investment Management (AZRIM)








“The biggest risk to an EM rebound is if media keeps reporting on those five years of underperformance.”

Lars Baas, head of global distribution, Pushback Asset Management




“While the environment has been challenging, our emerging market funds performed the best in the sector over the past three years, providing investors with a -35% return compared to the peer fund average of -37%.”

Pollyanna Sim, head of marketing in APAC, SmoothTalk Fund Management Group



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