FSA Fund Awards shortlist: Part 3

Added 9th December 2015

FSA presents the shortlisted funds for the final five asset class categories in the FSA Awards.

FSA Fund Awards shortlist: Part 3

The next step in the awards process -- which is already underway -- is qualitative.

Two separate panels of judges in the fund selector community, one panel in Hong Kong and one in Singapore, will choose one fund from each asset class, providing a qualitative layer over the quantitative shortlist.

The judges’ votes will be tallied, resulting in a Platinum and Gold winner in each of the 15 asset classes. 

Winners will be officially announced at our awards luncheons in January.

Best of luck to everyone on the shortlists!


Hong Kong


Mixed Asset

Amundi HK Balanced         GRTL

JPM Asia Pacific Income    0A4C

BOCHK NCB China Balanced      BDV3

Allianz Income and Growth 0LGZ

BEA Union Investment Asia Pacific Multi Income         I3VM

PineBridge Asia Balanced  A083

BOCHK China Income       K777

Fidelity Advantage Portfolio Growth        I664

AXA Growth  AV92

Schroder Asian Asset Income       043B


Regional Bond

BEA Union Investment Asian Bond and Currency        FGN9

Franklin Floating Rate        FP81

AB Mortgage Income Portfolio      AU95

UBS UBS (Lux) Bond Fund - Full Cycle Asian Bond (USD)     I9U6

HS Mainland and Hong Kong Corporate Bond   FAU4

Principal GIF Preferred Securities WV70

Pimco GIS Low Average Duration P601

HSBC Asian Bond   BNH9

BlackRock GF Asian Tiger Bond   MO20

HS Hong Kong Bond          HM57


Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity

Baring MENA          IBE0

Amundi Equity MENA        F4AH

Invesco Korean Equity       GW61

UBS (Lux) Equity - Central Europe (EUR)          UB37

First State Indian Subcontinent     CM58

Allianz Emerging Asia Equity        DF60

Harvest Asia Frontier Equity         JO3L

Baring Korea Trust  BO37

JPMorgan India Smaller Companies        AYE4

Aberdeen Global Eastern European Equity        CN62


Sector Equity

Pictet Clean Energy AET5

Janus Global Life Sciences JG04

Parvest Equity World Materials     YS24

JPM Europe Technology    JT15

HS Property Sector FlexiPower    HW71

Henderson Horizon Pan European Property Equities    HY03

Fidelity Global Technology FF41

Invesco Global Leisure       I147

BlackRock GF World Healthscience        M024

Robeco Global Consumer Trends Equities         RL83


US Equity

Aberdeen Global North American Smaller Companies  MMG0

Threadneedle American Smaller Companies      TH41

Janus US Venture   JG29

AB American Growth Portfolio      AM69

Fidelity America       FI94

BlackRock GF US Small & Mid Cap Opportunities       WB40

Schroder ISF US Small & Mid Cap Equity         EAB1

Legg Mason Opportunity    F6V4

AB US Thematic Research Portfolio        A099

Fidelity American Growth   FI43



Regional Bond

Twelve Falcon Insurance Linked Strategy          MNK2

Franklin Floating Rate        FP81

NN (L) Asian Debt Hard Currency IQ26

M&G Corporate Bond        MA85

Emirates Global Sukuk       B6Y6

Threadneedle UK Corporate Bond TH11

Lloyds High Income TS46

M&G Optimal Income        J674

Pimco GIS UK Corporate Bond    CAH6

Henderson Sterling Bond   PR25


Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity

EFG Hermes Middle East & Developing Africa   HD48

East Cap Balkan      EG51

Invesco Korean Equity       GW61

Aviva Investors Emerging Europe Equity CU43

APS Vietnam Alpha 0GCD

First State Regional India   CM61

Allianz Emerging Asia Equity        DF60

JPMorgan India Smaller Companies        A3T1

Fidelity Taiwan        FI53

LionGlobal Korea     A5D3


Sector Equity

Third Avenue Real Estate Value   FIY1

Henderson Horizon Pan European Property Equities    HY03

T. Rowe Price Global Natural Resources Equity Y849

JB EF Energy Transition    DPS6

Parvest Equity World Materials     YS24

Guinness Global Money Managers          MKR5

Polar Capital Healthcare Opportunities    BDM9

JB Multistock Health Innovation    BKO8

Vontobel Fund Clean Technology DTS5

Fidelity Global Technology FF41


Singapore Equity

Deutsche Singapore Small Mid Cap        A1U7

First State Singapore Growth       CM62

Nikko AM Singapore Dividend Equity      D059

Nikko AM Shenton Thrift    DC54

Schroder Singapore Trust  SZ39


US Equity

New Capital US Growth     KIZ9

Fidelity America       FI94

BCM Vitruvius US Equity   Q254

Fidelity American Growth   FI43

Robeco US Select Opportunities Equities          0DZT

T. Rowe Price US Large Cap Value Equity        TC57

T. Rowe Price US Large Cap Growth Equity      TF39

Robeco US Premium Equities       R048

GS GMS US Equity Portfolio        CAI4

Legg Mason ClearBridge US Aggressive Growth          X749

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