The future isn't what it used to be

Added 25th November 2015

As Last Word Media prepares to celebrate its first 10 years in business, here is our look back at some of the biggest changes in the past decade.

The  future isn't what it used to be

In the decade that has passed since Last Word Media first opened for business we have said ‘Hello’ to an awful lot of good things and ‘Goodbye’ to an awful lot of rubbish.

I am not sure where regulation sits in this ‘say hello / wave goodbye’ but we have certainly welcomed in a lot more than we have ushered out of the door in that time. Will we be saying the same about the next 10 years?

And what have been the biggest changes of the past 10 years, since October 2005 when Last Word Media - in the form of International Adviser - was launched?

We no longer have:

10% GDP growth in China; a tightly-closed financial industry in each Asian market; an era of stagnation in Japan; BRICs as a viable investment category; interest rates; a lack of global financial products approved for sale in Asia; Lehman Brothers; Blackberries as anything other than 'a work phone'.

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