SFC bans BJB employee for fake diploma

By Albert Sun

Added 14th July 2015

The former Bank Julius Baer account manager misrepresented her qualifications with a fabricated master’s degree, according to the Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission.

SFC bans BJB employee for fake diploma

Laura Kiang Mang Yi was banned from re-entering the industry for three years. 

Kiang worked with BJB starting in July 2013, dealing in and consulting on securities, and was dismissed in November after her diploma was found by an external investigator to be fake.

When Kiang was hired by BJB, she said she had obtained a master’s degree from New York University. Kiang studied at NYU but was not awarded a master’s degree because she had not fulfilled the degree requirements. When asked for proof of her academic qualifications, she presented a forged diploma, according to the SFC statement.

The SFC said that during its investigation, “Kiang explained that she thought that she had graduated from NYU because she completed all the required courses of NYU’s master program in December 2007 and attended the graduation ceremony of the program in May 2008.

She only found out that she did not graduate from NYU in around early August 2013 when BJB brought it to her attention and NYU confirmed it. "She also learnt from NYU that she had missed 3 credits to graduate.

“Owing to her panic and pride, Kiang searched on the internet a company that produced fake diploma and ordered one to cover the fact that she did not graduate.

“Kiang’s misrepresentation to her employer that she had obtained a master degree from NYU knowing that this is not true and her provision of a forged degree certificate to mislead it has called into question her character, reliability, and her fitness and properness to be a regulated person.” The SFC concluded.

The ban is effective from July 13, 2015 through 12 July 2018.

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