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Added 13th January 2015

Check to see if your fund on the Singapore shortlist, which is based on FE Analytics quantitative filters that test for alpha, volatility and consistency over multiple time periods.

SG shortlist
Asia Pacific Equity
First State Singapore & Malaysia Growth I RJ09
Matthews Asia Asia Dividend M9Y4
Manulife Asian Small Cap Equity J721
Schroder ISF Asian Total Return ARO7
Templeton Asian Smaller Companies DKJ1
New Capital Asia Pacific Equity Income MRF7
Schroder Asian Equity Yield Y410
First State Asian Equity Plus ZW77
VP High Dividend Stocks V121
First State Dividend Advantage YC98
Greater China/China Equity
First State China Growth CM45
First State Greater China Growth RJ12
First State Regional China CM60
Aberdeen China Opportunities A214
Invesco Greater China Equity BW61
Aberdeen Global Chinese Equity OK05
BCM Vitruvius Greater China Equity FHR9
UBS (Lux) Equity - China Opportunity (USD) UA34
Allianz Greater China Dynamic FEPD
E.I.Sturdza Strategic China Panda DMH9
Singapore Equity
First State Singapore Growth CM62
DWS Singapore Small Mid Cap A1U7
Nikko AM Singapore Dividend Equity D059
Aberdeen Singapore Equity AP47
Legg Mason Western Asset Singapore Opportunities B6H6
European Equity
MFS Meridian European Smaller Companies MC39
LO Funds - Europe High Conviction F3VQ
Vontobel Fund European Equity VB86
Comgest Growth Europe CH35
BlackRock Strategic Funds European Opportunities Extension AWY3
Franklin European Growth FN46
Threadneedle European Select TH27
Henderson Horizon Euroland HY05
Franklin European Small Mid Cap Growth FO89
MFS Meridian European Value MZ68
Global Emerging Market Equity
Charlemagne Magna MENA NBL5
Amundi Equity MENA F4AH
Schroder ISF Frontier Markets Equity M9S1
First State Global Emerging Markets Leaders Z874
Russell Emerging Markets Equity FU73
Templeton Frontier Markets DKJ9
First State GEM Leaders ZC23
Robeco Emerging Conservative Equities N6K0
RAM (LUX) Systematic Funds Emerging Markets Equities IGF6
Uni-Global-Equities Emerging Markets INU8
Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
JPMorgan Vietnam Opportunities AXW2
East Cap Baltic EF24
Aberdeen Indonesia Equity AP43
First State Regional India CM61
First State Indian Subcontinent CM58
VP Taiwan C1K8
Aberdeen Malaysian Equity A218
JPMorgan Thailand AYF6
Aberdeen Thailand Equity AP49
Global Equity
AXA Rosbrg Global Small Cap Alpha AP92
Franklin Global Small Mid Cap Growth F148
Artisan Global Value 08TR
Invesco Global Equity Income YM01
UBS (Lux) Equity SICAV - Global High Dividend (USD) NLF2
Invesco Global Smaller Companies Equity 0DK3
Investec Global Franchise DAL2
BNY Mellon Global Equity Higher Income KJP6
Jupiter JGF Global Equities G7R8
Nordea 1 Global Stable Equity Unhedged N405
Japanese Equity
Aberdeen Global Japanese Smaller Companies Y809
T. Rowe Price Japanese Equity Y845
Aberdeen Global Japanese Equity AO95
Parvest Equity Japan Small Cap PA50
UBAM IFDC Japan Opportunites Equity EWU1
Invesco Japanese Equity Advantage EK52
Comgest Growth Japan CT25
CS Investment 2 CS (Lux) Japan Value Equity KGV9
BL Equities Japan EGG3
Aberdeen Japan Equity AP44
US Equity
Janus US Venture JG29
Legg Mason ClearBridge US Aggressive Growth X749
AB US Small & Mid Cap Portfolio IKI9
Aberdeen Global North American Smaller Companies MMG0
Fidelity America FI94
T. Rowe Price US Large Cap Value Equity TC57
Legg Mason Opportunity F6V4
Schroder ISF US Large Cap DVB2
Capital Group US Growth and Income (LUX) C402
GS US Core Equity Portfolio GF22
Mixed Asset
UBS (CH) Strategy - Balanced (USD) UB16
Janus Balanced JF87
Capital Group Global Absolute Income Grower (LUX) NDM1
Franklin Income UJ72
MFS Meridian Global Total Return YD48
Emirates MENA Opportunities B6Z1
JB Strategy Balanced USD J156
UBS (Lux) Strategy - Balanced (USD) UA51
Polar Capital Income Opportunities GUZ3
UBS (Lux) Strategy Xtra SICAV - Balanced (USD) UI99
Global Bond
Legg Mason Brandywine Global Fixed Income JY73
Natixis H2O Multibonds LUC3
Russell Global Bond A3S4
Aberdeen Global II Global Sovereign Opportunities Bond C2H2
AXA World Funds Global Aggregate Bonds YL75
Pimco GIS Diversified Income CAI8
Pimco GIS Diversified Income Duration A15U
Pimco GIS Global Bond Ex US P695
Invesco Global Bond BW01
Franklin Strategic Income ATR0
Regional Bond
Pimco GIS Euro Bond PW62
AB American Income Portfolio AM66
Fidelity Asian Bond NGO2
Vontobel Fund EUR Corporate Bond Mid Yield VB88
Amundi Bond Europe ZF35
Invesco European Bond BW52
ING (L) Renta US Credit YB17
AB RMB Income Plus Portfolio 0LP1
Legg Mason Western Asset US Core Plus Bond X702
UBS (Lux) Emerging Economies - Latin American Bonds (USD) UB33
High Yield
Aberdeen Global II US Dollar High Yield Bond C2I3
Principal High Yield P473
UBAM Global High Yield Solution MCM8
AXA World Funds Global High Yield Bonds YL78
BlueBay High Yield Corporate Bond M9G4
Lloyds High Income TS46
BlackRock Global Funds Global High Yield Bond WB69
Emerging Market Bond
GS Growth & Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Portfolio ACBO
CS 3 (Lux) Emerging Market Corporate Bond 09K9
Deutsche Invest I Emerging Markets Corporates R574
CS 3 (Lux) Emerging Market Corporate Investment Grade Bond N3L5
GS Growth & Emerging Markets Debt Portfolio Y420
Pictet Global Emerging Debt PU48
Investec Emerging Markets Corporate Debt NAN8
T. Rowe Price Global Emerging Markets Corporate Bond ACCA
T. Rowe Price Global Emerging Markets Bond Y853
BlueBay Emerging Market Bond EOH7
Sector Equity
Morg Stnly Global Infrastructure JYI6
JB Multistock Health Innovation BKO8
Premier New Earth Solutions Recycling Facilities CIL9
First State Global Listed Infrastructure A6X1
UBS (Lux) Equity - Infrastructure (EUR) C6F3
Robeco Global Consumer Trends Equities RL83
Edmond de Rothschild Infrasphere DXT0
Guinness Global Money Managers MKR5
Janus Global Life Sciences JG04
Franklin Biotechnology Discovery UJ87

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